Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Collecting lullabies from around the world for BBC World Service

This is a production blog for a BBC World Service radio feature called 'Language of Lullabies'

Around the world lullabies path the road to sleep and dreams but curiously they often contain dark or threatening imagery; babies falling from cradles (UK) or being taken out into the cold in the depths of winter (Iceland), or being eaten by monsters (Caribbean). This feature explores the music and narratives of a vivid selection of lullabies from around the world, examining their themes, rhythms and melodies, their universal qualities and difference as well as the role they play in child development. 

Please send us your lullabies, in the first place you might like to just let us know about your favourite lullaby, but we're also looking for recordings of lullabies with a translation written in english. We're particularly interested in lullabies with interesting or unusual stories such as this lullaby from Nigeria:

Whose mother is the crying
Is it Eagle? Is it Vulture? Is it Human?
Bring black pepper, bring pepper,
Bring ingredients for soup, let the birds feed themselves
Baby oh, baby stop.

Add your favourite lullaby in the comments box below or get in touch via twitter: