Friday, 5 October 2012

More Lullabies: A Collaboration with BBC Arabic

Months have passed since I last wrote about this project, and although all quiet on the surface, there's been all sorts of activities going on behind the scenes, plus a change in the schedule due to a new collaboration.
Instead of one programme I am now making two programmes, the first programme 'Language of Lullabies' will air on BBC World Service on 1st December the second which is a collaboration with the BBC Arabic Service will air later in the month. Lily Al-Tai my collaborator and I have gathered recording about a 2000 year old Babylonian lullaby, we've lullabies from Kuwait, Syria, Iraq... and many more, Lily has been recording in Kuwait recently and brought back some wonderful material, and soon we will be in Morocco - recording high in the Atlas Mountains.

Oh and we're still collecting Lullabies from around the world, once the programmes are finished the collection will be available here or on the BBC website - so please keep sending them my way.

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